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All About The Knowledge


Who is the All About The Knowledge community.

We want to create a hassle-free, informal, learning experience that is all about learning. If we are successful, more people will be able to make money as a teacher, those teachers will be able to collect a higher percentage of the earnings, and students will pay less.

This is not meant to replace DIY tutorials or college degrees. It is meant to fill in everything in between and after.

  • Tutoring? Check.
  • Swim coach? Check.
  • Learning local history. Check.
  • Art Instructor. Yep.
  • What is bitcoin, anyway? We have a teacher that knows.
  • Teach, learn, or ask for any class you can dream up.

Second, we hope you'll join the community as a teacher, student, and/or landlord. 🙂

About the company.

Like our teaching style, we keep the company lean. The owner is the programmer and designer. And it shows. 🤣

As our community grows, we'll add to the site and company.

While we are growing the community and the site is in alpha/beta, the site itself is not collecting any fees. 🙂 This is a labor of love. Which means the teachers and hosts (you) are making 100% of the profit. Feel free to read more our rules and pricing pages for the details.

Founded in 2020, the hope is to foster a safe, friendly community that allows more people to teach what they know and love and lets more people continue to learn about anything their curiosity leads them.