8 Ways to Participate

Growing our community is critical.
Below are some direct and indirect ways you can help. :)

1. Teach anything you'd like.

You are in complete control of the subject, price, time, ... everything.

2. Take a class.

Learn anything you'd like - without the college expense or hassle.

3. Ask for a class to be taught.

Like and follow what other people have already requested. Or request something new. You may inspire someone who never considered teaching.

4. Recruit

Especially in the early days of our site, helping find other teachers or recruiting other students is a big, big deal.

While we are in beta and growing the community, you may find you need to recruit your own students. It's going to be tough, in the beginning, but every time someone joins our community (your class or someone else's) it helps us all out a little more.

5. Donate

Direct financial support is always appreciated. In these early days we are not charging the teachers or hosts anything. Zero income is hard to sustain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but worth it to try to grow a dream into reality. 🙂

We'll use the money to help advertise and recruit.

6. Host - Rent your location to teachers.

Offering a safe space to rent to our teachers (Hosting), is also a big help... and it can also make you money. 💰

7. Vote

Google is watching. 🙃 And they'll let us show up in more search results, the more our site is visited and interacted with. That means, you can help by simply participating in our weekly polls. 🙂

8. Join the Conversation on Facebook.

Just like with Google, Facebook values groups with active communities.

During the beta, the Facebook page will be the best way for the community to get together and talk. Report bugs, ask for additions/changes to the site, ask the questions about how All About The Knowledge works, etc.

Visit us on Facebook