Goals & Beliefs.

Our community's focus on learning (not certificates or red tape)
makes education more accessible to everyone (both teachers and students).


All About The Knowledge believes too many people are priced out of education or otherwise discouraged from learning at some point in their lives. College serves a great purpose, but is wildly expensive. DIY and learning from blogs and videos is terrific, but doesn't quite work for every person or subject.

We would like to build and foster a community that fills in where college and DIY fail, by cutting out everything that drives up costs that doesn't directly help a person learn. And at the same time lower the barrier to entry for people to teach - thus, adding a personal touch and humanity back to our modern education.

We believe millions of people know something others would love to know. (Art, music, first aid, massage, local history, home improvement, etc.) And we believe millions of people would like to know a little more about something in life.

In our dream world, millions of people are making an extra income (or building a career) by teaching subjects they love and have mastered over the years. Imagine easily finding a reputable person who will affordably teach you how to play a recreational sport/hobby of your choice. Imagine sharing your joy of hiking with others by first showing them how to hike safely and then showing them where to hike. Imagine surprising a loved one with a wonderful painting by your own hand... or shocking a loved one by finally singing Happy Birthday in key! 🤣

All About The Knowledge's Goals.

First and foremost, we want to create an environment and community where the sole focus is learning. By cutting out middle men, extra rules, certificates, and other barriers to entry, we want to help make a community where people can just teach and just learn.

Secondly we want the teachers themselves to make almost all of the profits. By encouraging our community to cut out everything not needed to learn, it also cuts out many things that drive up the cost for students and teachers. There are no certificates, no season long courses (pay one class/day at a time), no grades, no tests (unless the student and teacher think it would be helpful), no admin teams, no sports teams, no library... nothing else that drives up cost, conflict, or distraction. It's all in the name. All About The Knowledge .

All of that means we need to provide a great way for people to find each other, provide clear rules for this community, and listen to and work within our community to add and improve our tools as need, demand, and community size allow/require.

TL;DR / Summary

In short - We hope our community's focus on learning (not certificates or red tape) makes education more accessible to everyone (both teachers and students).