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Coach up my discgolf drives Discgolf I’ve discgolfed for 15 years. But I’m not sure I’ve ever learned how to properly throw my initial drive. I’m open to a seasoned amateur improving my shot, but would pay more if a coach or actual pro taught me. 80923 1
Cooking High Altitude Cooking I would like to learn high altitude baking 80915 1
First Aid for Hikers First Aid I hike with pack and medical supplies a fair amount, but don't feel great about my know-how. It would be nice to learn first aid with an eye towards what hikers would run in to and carry. 80923 2
Painting Miniatures Wargaming, Tabletop RPGs, Dioramas I have about 100 unpainted minis and would love someone to walk me through the basics of painting them. 80906 1
Watercolor Watercolor Need to learn to watercolor correctly 80915 1
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