Host (landlord) Tutorial

& three class examples

Listing locations is entirely free on All About The Knowledge .

List any location you want with your requirements in the details. It's free.

When a teacher rents from you, we don't charge you or the teacher any rental fees.

You get a free place to advertise your location and you get an opportunity to use our very simple, two way rating system. You rate the class. The teacher rates your location. Over time, if all goes well, your location gets better and better ratings and more reservations. And All About The Knowledge never asks for any money.

One day at a time.

The most important thing to know at All About The Knowledge is there are no courses or subscriptions. Students sign up for one class/day, at a time. At the end of that day, they decide if they want/need to keep going to that class.

What does that mean to the landlord trying to rent out a space?

Our students don't have class commitments. They take it one class/day at a time. That means our teachers will only be looking to reserve a space one class/day at a time. As such, our 'Space for Rent' listing system is geared towards one day (or less) rentals.

We're still figuring rentals out.

The rules of engagement for All About The Knowledge rentals is not as clear or defined as the student / teacher relationship. We're eager to work with the community to find a process that works well for everyone.

We love the safety of populated, free, public areas for our students and teachers. And we are also intrigued by the possibilities for local merchants renting space.

Imagine an art gallery renting space to an artist to teach after hours. Or a bar or restaurant renting their space during their off hours. Any class might work, but teaching mixology in the slower hours of a bar might make the bar owner a little extra money AND draw a consistent crowd.

Create and offer a location for rent.

Anyone can create a location for rent, once signed in. Register with All About The Knowledge , it's free.

Create a new rental name, description, and location all in one step. It's quick and free.

Reserving the location.

While the All About The Knowledge community is getting started, we ask that the reservation (time, price, and rules) be worked out offline (without the All About The Knowledge website). An online reservation system is in the works, but we are holding it back until we see how the location hosting process develops.

Collect the payment as close to class time as possible.

Students pay for class before they take the class. Ideally, right before class. This means (if you are the kind of space that can handle last minute cancellations), ideally, you would let the teachers cancel as late as possible and pay (at least part) at the last minute. For a myriad of reasons, this isn't always possible. So we are letting the All About The Knowledge renting community develop the standards with the teachers.

Ratings : How you make the community better.

To help improve the quality of learning within the All About The Knowledge community, teachers and hosts are allowed to rate each other. This is a great reason to take the moment to use our system to say one of our teachers has reserved a class at your location. Over time, other teachers will see you have a location that has been used before and is well rated.

Streamlined, automated ratings.

Our experience has shown two things in the ratings world. (1) Whatever percentage of people leave bad reviews, about twice as many are unhappy with the experience/product. (2) Less than 1% of happy customers leave good reviews.

To streamline things for our community (you) and take advantage of this understanding we have automated the teacher and host ratings. This means a class given automatically results in a positive review for the teacher and the host. The disappointed people (the rarer event) need to click a dislike button to override that rating. If a teacher 'dislikes' your location, all of your future locations will be hidden from that teacher. If you 'dislike' a teacher (disruptive, didn't pay, etc) this teacher will not be able to see future locations you offer.

Teachers can vote with their feet.

This is encouraged in the All About The Knowledge community. Plan for it and please, don't take it too personally.

The result is better locations rise to the top over time, but everyone gets a chance to rent.

Over time, All About The Knowledge algorithms and stats will reflect which locations have: more rentals, more repeat business, fewer dislikes per rental. With those three bits of information, the community will be able to easily spot the best classes and teachers.

Also, over time, we'll implement systems for hosts to block any teacher (or class) with poor community ratings, so you can avoid trouble ahead of time. Currently, in alpha, there is not enough data to offer this type of block.

Example 1

The normal and ideal All About The Knowledge experience.


Barry the bartender works at your bar and wants to drum up a crowd in what is normally an off hour for you. You and he work out a deal that he can rent a section of your bar to host a mixology class at 7pm, next Wednesday. He offers a class on All About The Knowledge and 10 people sign up and show up next Wednesday. He collects his money at the start of class and pays you your part right away. The class goes well and some of the participants stay at your establishment after the class is over.


  • Your establishment and Barry's ratings improve.
  • You made more money and had more customer's for the night.

Example 2

Another good, All About The Knowledge experience.

You are renting space for your art gallery. It cannot be open 24/7, but you sure are paying rent for the prime location 24/7.

You list your space for rent, during off hours, on All About The Knowledge . In the details section of your listing you say for art classes only and you would like to interview the artist first.

Seeing your location offering sparks an idea for a local artist to earn a little extra by teaching twice a week.

You two get together and discuss the class idea. You'll rent only to this teacher. You'll have the supplies in the back office, the teacher will set up and clean up after class and your 'rental' fee covers the cost of the supplies.

The teacher develops loyal customers. You and the teacher develop good ratings on All About The Knowledge and make some money extra money.

Example 3

A cancellation example.


Ernie owns a business and a warehouse that is in use 5 days a week. It is active, full, and bustling during that time. But on the weekends his warehouse is heated, lit, clean, and dormant.

His warehouse manager, Mary, would like to make a little extra money on Saturdays teaching forklift training. Ernie has the space, trusts the manager, and has the appropriate legal/safety paperwork worked out for Mary's students - so he agrees to rent the space to Mary.

People want forklift training, but not in high volumes and not every weekend. Two people sign up for the class. Mary believes even one person showing up would be worth it, so the class is set for this Saturday.

Saturday morning, for reasons unknown, neither person shows up for the forklift training.

Mary is a little discouraged, let's Ernie know that she is locking up early, and that the class was canceled.


Ernie decides not to charge for this space, this time. His cost was the time discussing it with Mary and crafting the legal paperwork. A cost for sure, but Ernie is hopeful, that this eventually leads to better profits and use of his space.

Mary changes the class to one Saturday a month and starts to get a steady stream of monthly classes after that. She starts to make a little extra money, Ernie makes a little extra and gets a few more trained forklift drivers in the workforce.