Reasons to try

All About The Knowledge

100% focus on learning.
Students pay less.
Teachers earn more.


Focus on learning.

  • Learn only what interests you.
  • Learn just what you need.
  • Skip the busy work and stressful tests.

No long term commitment.

  • No memberships
  • No subscriptions
  • Only pay for the classes you take.

Learn anything you want.

If you don't see it on the class list ask for the class on our demand board.

Pay less.

Because we've cut the red tape and only charge the teachers $0.30 per student/class, that means they can keep more of their profits and lower the prices for you.


You are in complete control

There's no red tape. You set the price, schedule, lesson, and location. Teach what and how you would like.

Keep more of the money you make.

We only charge $0.30 per student/class. Compare that to a tutoring agency that can charge 25% of your hourly wage. In that situation if you charge $45 per hour (a typical fee), with us you would earn $44.70. With a tutoring agency you would only keep $33.75. How does keeping an extra $10 per session sound?

Teach something you love.

Create any class you want.

No wasted time.

If you don't think something helps you teach or your students learn, we encourage you to leave it out.