Frequently Asked Questions

Updated regularly with new questions and answers.

Why doesn't All About The Knowledge collect money for the teachers.

The short answer, reducing costs on you and liability on us. ...

Two reasons.

One, it increases All About The Knowledge 's liability and we are too small to handle that burden.

Two, it adds expense. Financial transactions cost money. Whether it is paypal, bitcoin, check, or credit card there are fees involved. The customer rarely sees the fees explictily, but the person collecting the money sure does.

At the moment, individuals have a better chance of collecting money, without a fee, in person (via cash or app).

It's rare for an online processing fee to cost less than 30 cents. If All About The Knowledge collected money from the students and then paid the teachers, this would subtract at least 60 cents (likely more) from the teacher's payment. While this may not seem like a big deal to the teacher charging $50 per visit, it adds up. And it is a giant impact to the teacher asking $10 per student visit.

All About The Knowledge is looking into ways to help the teachers collect money. Bitcoin, newer pier to pier payment systems, ACH, amoung other things... We'll update the community if anything looks like it is both low cost and reliable.

With enough size and demand, All About The Knowledge might start looking into payment systems like Microsoft and DraftKings have tried - where the person buys a certain amount of points on the site. And then those points are used to pay for products and services. This dodges some of the payment fees the community would see, but puts All About The Knowledge in the middle of disputes, makes All About The Knowledge have to pay for a third party to safely hold the money in escrow, etc. It MIGHT be a good option for everyone at a different scale. But it is certainly not right, now.

Do teachers pay to advertise or list classes on All About The Knowledge.

No. That's all free. :)

Do people renting space to teachers pay to list their space on All About The Knowledge?

No. That's all free. :)

My teacher did not show up for class. Now what?

We strongly advise students wait to pay the teacher face to face, just as the class is beginning. If that's what you did, this is easy.

If you are not out any money, we only recommend two steps. Check your All About The Knowledge messages to see if the teacher (or All About The Knowledge ) has given the class an update. Then decide if you want to leave the teacher a bad review or not.

If you prepaid, the steps above are still true, but now you need to contact the teacher to ask for a refund. All About The Knowledge does not collect money on behalf of the teacher, so we have no way to refund your money directly and no way to force the teacher to refund your money. If the teacher is not operating in good faith, you can report the teacher to us and you can report the theft to your local authorities. To date, we do not have any reports of a teacher acting in bad faith and taking money in this way. We'd like to keep it that way as long as possible.

Do you vet your teachers?

No. The community does with a two way rating system.

Be safe out there folks. Look for public places to meet. Look for teachers with strong reputations.

Our rating system involves two key pieces of data. The number of dislikes for a class or teacher. And the number of additional classes a student has taken with the same teacher.

We are considering a freemium service that might include a background check and a passed inspection badge. This is not an easy decision. It could (a) make non-premium teachers look worse and (b) make someone unsafe look safer simply because nothing showed up on their background check. Still, it may be something enough students demand before joing the All About The Knowledge community, that we need to consider it.

My last class was terrible. How do I get my money back?

The money may be gone, for that one class.

To reduce price, in general, this money you paid for the current class, is now the teacher's. It is a relatively small risk everyone is taking to keep prices down. If, however, this was eggregious, criminal, or somehow abusive of you and or the system...

The first two steps may sound obvious, but we'll state it here so everyone is on the same page.
  1. If this was a fluke (bad weather, the teacher was late for good reason, etc.) contact the teacher and try to work something out. Another class for free, a discount, a refund...
    • If 1 does not apply or did not work, then consider steps 2 through 6.
  2. Click the report button and send us a brief (tweet sized reason for the report)
  3. Cancel all future classes with this course/teacher, immediately.
  4. Leave a bad review for the teacher and class. So the greater community and the teacher knows there has been a problem. (You can change your review or withdraw your report if you and the teacher resolve the matter.) Keep in mind, that the teacher can report you, too. If the community or we see that you are being abusive, there will be reprocussions, including banning your account.
  5. If this is a criminal act, in your area, you are responsible for taking it to the authorities.
  6. If your financial system gives you recourse, consider using them. Ie, if you paid with a credit card you can issue a charge back...

My teacher (or a student) wants to keep teaching/tutoring this course without using All About The Knowledge. What now?

Depends on the situation, please, read the details below.

If the teacher is simply walking away from All About The Knowledge , that's fine. If; however, the teacher is still listing classes on our site, and just trying to dodge our $0.30 fee, please, help us and the community fight that.

In the later case, please, report that to us and don't participate in future classes with that teacher. If we are helping people find each other and getting nothing for it, the whole community could shut down. The All About The Knowledge community is deisgned for students, teachers, and landlords to all benefit as each part of the community grows. More eyes, more options - it's a virtuous cycle for everyone.

We strongly recommend staying visible in our system. Not only for the obvious (that's how we stay in business), but also, because letting us 'see' these classes allows the community rating and report systems to work better. If we don't know you are taking a class with a teacher, you won't be able to give the teacher a poor rating and warn others, if something goes wrong. Someone taking a class offline just to save 30 cents might be doing something else they don't want being reflected in our rating systems. Please, be careful out there.

How do you rate courses, teachers, students, and rentals?

We reserve the right to keep some things secret and to tinker with the model/algoritm. But, the gist is listed below. There is a two way rating system. Teachers rate students. Students rate teachers. We track how often the teacher gets repeat business, whether the teacher is getting bad reviews from good students or not, how many reports the teacher has gotten relative to the courses taught, etc.

Why are there no advertisements on your site? Will there ever be ads?

Better website performance for you and us. We may use ads someday, but it is not the right option, at the moment.

To answer the second, first - there may be ads someday.

Why there are no ads at the moment is simple. Ads can put a strain on a website. While the site is in beta, we can reduce the cost to operate a website and still squeeze good performance out of it, by simply not having ads. If someday, All About The Knowledge has a powerful system supporting world wide servers (and perhaps offering its own video, chat, or whiteboard services) it may make sense to put ads on the site to offset those costs. For now, you're getting a better experience and we're saving money by not having ads.

How do I know if this teacher is right for me?

Ratings and the bio are a hint. But you never know until you try.

Two part answer.

One, we show teacher ratings and re-subscription rates. If the teacher has great ratings and the same students keep going back to the same teacher, that makes for a better chance that you will like the teacher, too.

Two, you never really know until you try. Even a renowned university teacher could be a terrible match for you. Here, you are only committed to pay for the classes you take. (As opposed to signing up for six months of classes.) If it's clear the teacher is not working out for you, you're not losing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Cut your losses and you are only out the price of the class. ($10? $20? $40? Not too different from a bad meal at a restaurant or a bad movie. And way better than tickets to an NFL game that turns out to be less exciting than you had hoped.)

My course/rental was removed from the site! What happened?

Inactivity, legal issue, and/or abuse are good guesses.

All About The Knowledge is concerned about having old, out of date offerings in its searches. If no activity is seen, in two months, a warning will be emailed stating that it will be removed in a month, if you do not renew your listing.

A local law authority may have requested its removal. All About The Knowledge keeps its community enforcement simple. Its not what All About The Knowledge feels, but what the local laws require.

We reserve the right to remove anything. This will likely be enforced if the poster is abusing All About The Knowledge or its community. Using our services simply to advertise your realestate without actually offering it as a learning space, failure to pay our $0.30 teaching fee, etc.