Conventional Classes

Learn anything you would in school.
Except, without the commitment, grades, or extra expense.
A teacher smiling in front of a chalkboard with hundreds of equations artfully written behind him.

These are (almost) the exact courses you would expect in college, high school, or getting a certificate. Yes - we do that, too.

Our Teaching Recommendations.

This is conventional learning, with a All About The Knowledge twist. People are learning for their own edification and not going for a certificate. That means, the subjects and classrooms are conventional, but the students and teachers can skip (if they want) grades and tests.

These can be single day, multi day, week, or month long courses. They are probably help in a class room, library, or convention room. The difference is your sole focus is learning. If there is grading, it is only for your benefit. There is no certificate at the end. You can stop going to class (or skip some classes) whenever you please without paying.

Students only schedule, show up, and pay for the days they want to attend.


Taking a course on technical writing.

Taking a class to learn French.

Brushing up on math skills for a job.
Consider the professional engineer that wants to relearn some nascent math skills from his or her college days. This person will see what is being taught from class to class and may skip the classes he or she doesn't need or still has a strong grasp of.

Try it. :)

Create a class to teach. You set the subject, schedule, price, location, and class size. It's all under your control.

Take (or request) a class today.